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Don’t Let Your Dreams be Just Dreams

We made it to 2022! I am so glad you made it to another year! We have come through some trying times together and look at us? Still moving past viruses, insurrections, (un)natural disasters and U.S. gas prices higher than my favorite multi-talented West Coast rapper!

All jokes aside, we have lost and we have gained so much in the last few years. As I continue to reflect on the impactful lives of bell hooks, Betty White, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Sir Sidney Poitier and Lani Guinier, I am reminded just how important it is to live a life filled with hope, love and purpose–on purpose. To continue to dream in spite of our circumstances, working towards making those dreams a reality for ourselves and encouraging others to do the same.

I recently wrote an article for Three Fifths e-Magazine entitled Granting Ourselves the Permission to Dream…Again. Please take a moment to read it (as well as the articles by the other contributing writers). Let the words encourage you to not just dream, but to dream BIG. Dream for those you represent. Dream for the next generation. Dream because you have the freedom to do so. However, don’t just let your dreams sit around collecting dust. Let’s be about the business of actualizing at least one major dream this year.

Song: Dream on Dreamer. Artists: The Brand New Heavies. Year: 1994.

7 Questions: 2022 Dream Launch

To help focus our thoughts, here are 7 Questions (Oh how we missed the 7 Questions!) to consider as you move that one big dream forward:

1. What is the one dream I have that I want to move towards actualizing this year (write it down)?

2. What are my most outlandish fears or doubts I hold about this dream (write them down-the more outlandish the better)?

3. What are my greatest hopes of what achieving this dream could mean for me and those around me (Yes, write them out)?

4. Which 1-2 people can I deeply trust to support me as I move my dream forward (Envision them then write their names)?

5. Who are the people who may intentionally or unintentionally not be supportive of my dream (list them)?

6. What resources/contacts/learnings will I need to tap into in order to actualize my dream (create a table including dates and outcomes)?

7. How will I motivate myself to accomplish two (2) activities related to my dream each day (i.e. What are your known “Slump Crushers” and how will you activate them in those moments when Netflix and the air fryer are calling out to you)?

Now more than ever before, this world needs your gifts, brilliance and yes…your dreams. What do you have to gain?

Feel free to send me at dr.kecia@drkeciab.com and let me know how your Dream Launch is going (or not  going at the moment)! I would love to be one of the people cheering you on!

Sending you and your loved ones prayers for continued health and safety! 

In Solidarity.

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