Month: February 2022

  • In the Conflict

    As has been the case with our Syrian sisters and brothers and their children, what matters are your families, your safety, your livelihood and yes, your voices. Once the fight is over, rebuilding will be work for you and the generations to come to embark upon. The labor will seem never ending and met with resistance at every turn, as your sisters and brothers in Haiti have shown the world. However, the love of justice and liberation is worth the work.

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  • It’s Ok If You Can’t Do This.

    It’s Ok If You Can’t Do This.

    As I sat there attempting to complete a task that I had done numerous times for myself but totally baffled all the molecules in my body right then, it all came flooding at me. The pandemic. The divorce. The isolation. The uncertainty. The exhaustion. The expectations. All of it. Then, I heard myself say the words I have been feeling for years: I can’t do this.

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  • Are You Open to Aha! Moments?

    Are You Open to Aha! Moments?

    Whether they are epiphanies regarding your job, relationships inside or outside of your home, or even a new venture you are embarking upon, give yourself permission to take it in, roll it around in your head and heart, learn from it and chart your course!

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