Poem: When Our Good Will Snaps

It is hard to watch
when our Good Will snaps.
When the Rocky storms of life 
come in like a flood
agitating pain and fueling 
ego-informed decisions.
Our Good Will, only wanting 
to represent Goodness & Knowing. 
That which was once a
Refuge of War, has now become 
the source of warring within self,
within culture,
between others.
And we, perched on our branches of moral superiority
judge harshly. Loudly.
Conveniently forgetting our own moments
when our good will snaps:
Those microaggressions that happen in the workplace.
The generational harm we pass on to our children.
That destruction we caused someone we once loved.
May we reflect and be reminded
and one day requite for our moments when the Rocks
(which have weathered their own harsh elements), 
cause our own good will to snap.


Speak Your Peace

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