Poem: Senses of Real Love

Real Love smells like the most essential of essential oils.

It sounds like the laughter of children,

a birds Liberation Song

and a Jill Scott run.

Real Love tastes like mangoes & strawberries

suspended in ice

dancing in a chilled glass of uncontaminated

clear, healing water.

Real Love feels like a well washed blanket

just out of the dryer.




Covering you from head-to-toe,

both hiding and reminding you:

“You can always comeback and come back.

All you have to do in order to feel

what needs to be felt

is to close your eyes,

lay back and allow yourself

to be washed

over and

over and

over again.”

Real Love looks like the first time

healing eyes hold each other’s gaze.

Acknowledging the space they not only inhabit

but also the space that they alone

intuitively create.

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