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Poem: Freedom Dance

Love and Liberation are divine and intimate Dance Partners. 
Their bond reaches beyond time, space and circumstances. 
Love and Liberation dance 
through chaos
brushing pass fear. 
Gliding effortlessly
beyond hate and apathy. 

Love and Liberation are known by 
the power of peace they bring when they move together. 
Love and Liberation are magnetic. 
Swaying in each other’s arms.
Face-to face, then side-by-side. 
Pausing momentarily to fully see all that is around them. 
Casting a knowing smile at the Possibilities their movement creates. 

For too long I have been a bystander, 
peeking from behind the curtains of Fear and Shame.
I am now prepared to move rhythmically, intentionally with them.
Learning their ways. 
Holding each lesson in my Beingness. 
Preparing to debut my own 
Freedom Dance.

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