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Poem: They Were Just.

He was just. Trying to get home.

He was just. Asking for help after a car accident. 

She was just. Driving to her new job.

She was just. Sleeping in her bed next to her beloved.

She was just. Playing video games with her nephew.

He was just. Jogging to stay healthy in order to live a longer life.

He was just. Buying cigarettes from a convenience store.

He was just. Selling cigarettes to get money to support his family.

He was just. Playing in a park in Cleveland, Ohio.

He was just. Walking from the store after buying a bag of Skittles and iced tea.

They were just. Shopping for what they needed in a grocery store.

He was just. Sitting in a prison at the age of 16 for something he did not do.

They were just. 

They were just being. 

They were just being in their Blackness.

Each of them were just. 

Just existing in their humanity. 

Just living while Black.

Just doing whatever they possibly could to circumvent this white

patriarchal capitalistic system that violates justice for sport.

Just know. 

We are done waiting for your justice to save us

when it can’t even save itself.

Remember: We were just.

And now.

We are just done.

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