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Last week will go down in the history books…if there are any more left.With such blatant attempts to have our nation regress and erase the footprints of social justice (SCOTUS was BUSY), community is more important than ever before. That said, I have spent the past few months heavily focused on reconnecting/rebuilding key relationships and going deep into my Artist Bag.Connecting with community and creating meaningful work are well-traveled companions when we talk about social justice. Community not only is key in connecting to the hearts of the people, but it is THE key to any substantive changes we aspire to see in the world.So as a reminder, continue to renew your energy with love, laughter, care and all of the things that keep you grounded in your humanity. We are going to need it…


Above: author, academician, philosopher, social critic and (re)searcher of love; the late great bell hooks. Image credit: Mijente, 2017.

The article Choosing to Love Out Loud dives deeper into what we are seeing nationally. This piece also refocuses our gaze by re-examining Love. As the late bell hooks reminds us “Love is a transformative force” and that “There can be no love without Justice.” Take some time to reflect on the 7-Questions and consider how you can bring an ethic of love into the spaces you occupy.

World Changer and Fighter: Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts

It’s all about Empowerment and Love in the Open Letter to Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts. Pastor Sarah, a dynamic leader, author, mother and business person experienced an incident that would shake any woman’s confidence. In this post, I talk about overcoming Stereotype Threat when the world is (literally) watching.


I am excited to share a post from my coaching practice further examining an Ethic of Love @ Work. In the article “Relationship Repair: When You Would Much Rather Leave it Broken,” I speak to those workplace situations where there may be strained relationship with a supervisor and/or colleague and you’re ok with it…or so you say. This article has resources and reflective prompts to have you think about whether the relationship is worth salvaging or not.


Here are a few resources that my team and I have found helpful in working with clients and/or in our own respective healing journeys:

Sisterhood Heals: The Transformative Power of Healing in Community is the debut release by Joy Harden Bradford, PhD. In addition to this resource on the healing power of sisterhood, Harden Bradford also offers us an opportunity to learn our “Sister Type” by completing the Sisterhood Quiz.

Pastor, Author, Entrepreneur and Chairman Bishop T.D. Jakes released Disruptive Thinking: A Daring Strategy to Change How We Live, Lead and Love in May of this year. In this book, Bishop reminds us that if we are serious about making real change, we have to start with changing our thoughts. This book provides guidance on how to do just that.

The Future is Waiting for You is by your favorite Poet, Educator and [Future] New York Times bestselling author (speaking it into existence)! Feel free to purchase it on Amazon or purchase a signed copy here

WHAT’S PLAYING NOW: Unpack ‘n Bounce Back, “Support System

Author and Poet, Reyna Biddy and her cousin, Skye Townsend host a brilliant intimate conversation for us to listen in on. This episode finds the two having a conversation about what “support” is and thinking about those who are in their respective support circles.

Wishing you continued health as you focus on Love, Justice and Liberation!


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