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  • How Dare You, Will Smith!

    How Dare You, Will Smith!

    Even during these times of distress, uncertainty, trauma, pain and loss, we can still uphold love in our lives. Sis, those incense fumes and all that lemon ginger tea has you all the way messed up! We are losing our minds out here*!?@#! Whether personal or professional, whether long-distance via Zoom, in our physical living…

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  • When Regret Teaches, Take Notes

    When Regret Teaches, Take Notes

    Do you have any stories of regret versus risk and what have you learned from them? For me, I can recount situations where I truly regretted the outcomes (clearly not reaching out to Ms. Tyson is pretty high on my list). I also can relive those times I have taken a risk and was better…

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  • Permission Granted

    Permission Granted

    At this time of doomscrolling (which happened to be the word of the day on last Thursday), our minds aren’t allowed to venture off into places where we can imagine anything lifegiving–where we can laugh, where we can create. However, it is critical to our wellbeing and for the wellbeing of those around us…

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  • Onions And Resentment

    Onions And Resentment

    You know what else has layers? Resentment. Resentment has lay-yers.

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  • The Journey Back to Me

    First, giving honor to God and all of the Ancestors of years past and those who have recently made the journey home (Civil Rights Activist and U.S. Representative John Robert Lewis and Minister C. T. Vivian). I am going to keep this post nice and short (ha!) because today’s post is actually a visual poem.…

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