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  • Breathe Again

    WE MADE HISTORY!!! Presenting: Madam Vice President-elect, Kamala D. Harris and President-elect Joseph R. Biden! Kamala Harris is the first Black, Indian-American and female person to EVER to be elected VP. Joe Biden is the first presidential candidate to receive more than 74 million votes. He is also the oldest president-elect at the age of…

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  • Love, tho.

    Love, tho.

    Just 4 days before Election Day. This image is my last reminder/plea to you to vote [Image reads: VOTE! We Died for This]. Please be safe in all the ways you must enact safety during this election season. Given everything going on in our world, I thought I would make a slight departure in this…

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  • The Journey Back to Me

    First, giving honor to God and all of the Ancestors of years past and those who have recently made the journey home (Civil Rights Activist and U.S. Representative John Robert Lewis and Minister C. T. Vivian). I am going to keep this post nice and short (ha!) because today’s post is actually a visual poem.…

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  • My Mom’s Mother’s Day Message

    In recognition of Mother’s Day, I yield this week’s post to my mother. I previously mentioned that my mom was a writer for the Herald Dispatch in the 70’s. Here is one of her articles (Yes, this is my awkward Black Girl way of saying, “My mama said…!”). GROWTH AND CHANGE  There can be no…

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  • The Benefit of Being Overwhelmed

    “The enormity of it all hit me as I watched Bishop Jakes’ sermon. Then, it happened. I cried. The real “I” cried, meaning I cried from my soul. I cried for myself, my family and the whole damn world. Once I was done, I felt ready. That release and that emotional/spiritual support was what I…

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  • 2020 Is An AMAZING Year!

    2020 is here to rearrange our lives. She is not here to play games. Let’s pause for a moment (or two weeks) to pay attention to what she is teaching us. 

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  • Take it, Transform it and Release it!

    I hope you enjoyed your February and are ready to step into March like an HBCU band! Lift those knees, PEOPLE (Loving memories of Mr. Conrad Hutchinson III, Inglewood High School’s Band Director. R.I.P.)!!! The world is busy being too busy: We stopped for a nanosecond to celebrate the lives of Kobe Bryant and his…

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  • Canceling the Cancellation of Forgiveness

    People are complex and so are the relationships we create. The same person that brings forth thoughts of tenderness and love to one person, may, at the exact same moment, bring about feelings of rage, hatred, and emotional distress to someone else. Given that, the work of forgiveness is just that…work.

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  • 2020: A Special Letter to You

    2020: A Special Letter to You

    Dearest, It has been a long time since we’ve connected. We wanted to share what has been put on our hearts about you as you prepare for an amazing new year.  Stop being afraid. If you had any idea of how many people beyond this life had your back, you would walk through this world…

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