Dr. Kecia Brown is a Career and Wellness Coach, mother, author and entrepreneur. She designed the Wellbeing and Career Transformation Process™, a developmental experience that helps emerging and established leaders become more intentional about creating peaceful integration between 8 areas of wellness within their lives, especially during times of transition and crisis.

Dr. Kecia’s work is fueled by research in adult learning, leadership and spirituality, as well as guided by her own lived experiences and those of her clients. Her engagement style is structured, compassionate, intuitive with a touch of humor in order to support leaders in challenging their underlying assumptions, while aiding them in re-centering their definition of success.


Our goal at KB Coaching is to bring the “Care” back into your “Career.”

1-on-1 Coaching

Individualized coaching to support clients in identifying areas of wellness using the 8-Areas of Wellness. Once the individualized plan has been developed, our coaching team and our extended network, work with clients to reach their stated goals.

Lunch-In Learning Series

Our Lunch-in Learning Series of workshops & “work throughs,” bring the learning to you in your organization. Participants provide topics from their current experiences and each scenario is  worked through with feedback from our career coaching specialists.

Women’s Leadership Resource Groups (WLRG)

Our Women’s Leadership Support Program serves as a leadership resource group (LRG) and a support network to encourage each member’s professional success and personal growth.

“I gained so much clarity and confidence from our time together. You’ve helped my mental health outside of my professional life, and you’ve helped me develop a life philosophy that prioritizes my happiness.”

~Former Client

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