Poem: The Mothers Have Come

This poem was written May 25, 2020 after the heinous murder of George Floyd one year ago today. This poem depicts violent imagery, yet not nearly as violent as what the world witnessed on the day (now) 7-year old Gianna Floyd had her father ripped from her life. The contents of this poem may be haunting and are not meant for young audiences, those who have witnessed or have directly experienced forms of violence. Please be advised.

Welcome the Holidays with The Love of 10,000!

What's better than giving your Little Ones the gift of love, empowerment, and hope for the holidays? Celebrate a story of love and ancestral wisdom with the children in your life. Order your copies of The Love of 10,000 today! Excerpt from the book: Just find your calm and be still and you’re 10,000 will …

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PRESS RELEASE: The Love of 10,000

THE LOVE OF 10,000 by Dr. Kecia Brown Published on May 25, 2019 by Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing Contact: contact@drkeciab.com 781-361-9755 THE LOVE OF 10,000, A CHILDREN’S BOOK BY DR. KECIA BROWN, PUBLISHED ON MAY 25, 2019 Amazon - Kindle Direct Publishing San Diego, California (May 25, 2019) – A global publication date of Saturday, May …

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