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  • The Gift of Acceptance

    The Gift of Acceptance

    Thank you for the kind responses to my last reflections on my mother’s life. I greatly appreciate each of you for being a part of this virtual transformative learning circle wherever you may be in the world. My hope is that by sharing my learnings (and unlearnings) I am supporting the reflective process of our […]

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  • 7 QUESTIONS: Your Mental Health Continuum

    7 QUESTIONS: Your Mental Health Continuum

    I think we can agree that we have all lived through something. Regardless of the emotional weight of the experience/experiences, Life is a very patient teacher and has a way of calling on all of us regardless of our roles in society. As a way to think through Life’s Lessons as they relate to our mental health and wellbeing, I would love for you to take some time to think through my 7 Questions. Click below to read more…

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