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  • Poem: She Who Names the Flames

    Poem: She Who Names the Flames

    What you couldn’t comprehend was the fact that those very same flames were the very exact same ones my Ancestors taught me to tame.

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  • Poem: The World of A Poet

    Poem: The World of A Poet

    Poets. We are not difficult beings. In a world full of manufactured complexity, Poets are the least complicated. We vibe on a Love frequency. We are activated by Injustice. We are most alive in spaces where Liberation is felt. Words intermingle with air to sustain us. We stay hydrated and love to look directly into […]

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  • Fire Lit: The More Than Metaphors Podcast

    I am excited to announce my new podcast will be launching soon! I have been incubating this idea since summer 2019 with an anticipated launch of November 2019. “More Than Metaphors” is a virtual love space for those poetic and poetic-ish voices to examine the question: What happens when we find the courage to live our poetry out loud? A conversation led by Author, Educator, Entrepreneur and Poet Dr. Kecia Brown (“Dr. Kecia”); More Than Metaphors combines guest interviews and posts from Dr. Kecia’s blog which focuses on transformative learning, love, justice, and liberation. Each episode of this podcast will provide encouragement for leading more meaningful, spirited and poetic lives.

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  • How Dare You, Will Smith!

    How Dare You, Will Smith!

    Even during these times of distress, uncertainty, trauma, pain and loss, we can still uphold love in our lives. Sis, those incense fumes and all that lemon ginger tea has you all the way messed up! We are losing our minds out here*!?@#! Whether personal or professional, whether long-distance via Zoom, in our physical living spaces, or even during disasters–Love fuels Liberation. And those two together can help fuel our possibilities. 

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  • Permission Granted

    Permission Granted

    At this time of doomscrolling (which happened to be the word of the day on Dictionary.com last Thursday), our minds aren’t allowed to venture off into places where we can imagine anything lifegiving–where we can laugh, where we can create. However, it is critical to our wellbeing and for the wellbeing of those around us to engage in those things that remind us of our humanity.

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