Cherish the Days: My Reflections From “A Poetic Love After the Snap” and More Welcome back, Everyone! I pray you and your loved ones are healthy and safe. As we begin to re-engage into our pre-pandemic ways of being; I hope that each of you are continuing to be vigilante about your health as well as the health of those around you. My plan is for this post …

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Dashing Will Smith

How Dare You, Will Smith!

Even during these times of distress, uncertainty, trauma, pain and loss, we can still uphold love in our lives. Sis, those incense fumes and all that lemon ginger tea has you all the way messed up! We are losing our minds out here*!?@#! Whether personal or professional, whether long-distance via Zoom, in our physical living spaces, or even during disasters--Love fuels Liberation. And those two together can help fuel our possibilities. 

you are important

My Valentine’s Gift to You

!New Blog Post Alert! My Valentine's Gift to You May we reclaim this day set aside to celebrate romantic love, as a day to celebrate how much we have overcome in the face of everything that has attempted to destroy our ability to love. All of the hate, delusion, cowardice, complacency, nihilation, corruption, psychosis, neurosis, hypocrisy, rejection, micro and macro aggressions, and plain old unkindness and disrespect. You are still here! Despite and in spite of decisions that could have destroyed you or even the selection of partners that were (or are) undeserving of the exceptional love you / we have to give, you are still here and you are still loved. Regardless of who has tried to use you in the past or who may be plotting to use you in the future, you are still loved. Click link in my bio to read the full post

Permission Granted

At this time of doomscrolling (which happened to be the word of the day on last Thursday), our minds aren't allowed to venture off into places where we can imagine anything lifegiving--where we can laugh, where we can create. However, it is critical to our wellbeing and for the wellbeing of those around us to engage in those things that remind us of our humanity.

Welcome the Holidays with The Love of 10,000!

What's better than giving your Little Ones the gift of love, empowerment, and hope for the holidays? Celebrate a story of love and ancestral wisdom with the children in your life. Order your copies of The Love of 10,000 today! Excerpt from the book: Just find your calm and be still and you’re 10,000 will …

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Take 2: Spanish Translation Coming Soon

UPDATE AS OF 11-11-19:  The Love of 10,000 is available in Portuguese, and Spanish! Well, it has been a minute since I sat down to write a post for my blog. It has been a special kind of busy -- meetings with military personnel, therapists and hospital administrators discussing orders for the book for the …

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PRESS RELEASE: The Love of 10,000

THE LOVE OF 10,000 by Dr. Kecia Brown Published on May 25, 2019 by Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing Contact: 781-361-9755 THE LOVE OF 10,000, A CHILDREN’S BOOK BY DR. KECIA BROWN, PUBLISHED ON MAY 25, 2019 Amazon - Kindle Direct Publishing San Diego, California (May 25, 2019) – A global publication date of Saturday, May …

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