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  • Poem: Love’s Shores

    Poem: Love’s Shores

    Enjoy this excerpt from my forthcoming book “Emancipation Papers”: Love has a swag all its own. Love says “I am with you. You are not alone when I Am here.”  Love says “No matter what may come, only I can withstand time, space and circumstance. Come. Take a chance and walk these shores with me.”

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  • How Dare You, Will Smith!

    How Dare You, Will Smith!

    Even during these times of distress, uncertainty, trauma, pain and loss, we can still uphold love in our lives. Sis, those incense fumes and all that lemon ginger tea has you all the way messed up! We are losing our minds out here*!?@#! Whether personal or professional, whether long-distance via Zoom, in our physical living…

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