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  • Poem: The Me of Now

    I am becoming more and more clear on who I am becoming. This means I have to be patient with others as they shift their understanding of who I am. This time is not a journey back to me anymore. It is me being introduced to my new self. The Me of Now.

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  • Poem: The Road Home

    Poem: The Road Home

    During times of fear and loneliness, everyone wants to find a place where they matter. We all want to find home. “You are home and home has always existed in you.”

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  • 2020: A Special Letter to You

    2020: A Special Letter to You

    Dearest, It has been a long time since we’ve connected. We wanted to share what has been put on our hearts about you as you prepare for an amazing new year.  Stop being afraid. If you had any idea of how many people beyond this life had your back, you would walk through this world…

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  • Countdown to 10,000

    Countdown to 10,000

    Well, here it goes! My first post for my 1st children’s book! I have been thrilled and horrified at the same time about publishing it. The side of me that is thrilled looks forward to releasing this gift so that kids all over the world have a reminder of how much they are loved. Not…

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