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  • The Love of 10,000

    The Love of 10,000

    I recognize that this request to support the book drive comes at a time when we are doing our best to shore up hope for humanity. My goal in putting these positive messages out into the world during these times, is that they may inspire us to continue sowing seeds of love, justice and liberation…

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  • Do You Have A “Love Space?”

    Do You Have A “Love Space?”

    This entry was originally posted on August 29, 2021. With the turmoil we are still experiencing, I am reposting it to remind you to be intentional about curating spaces that will support you in sustaining your humanity.

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  • Embracing Self-Care While “Failing Forward”

    Embracing Self-Care While “Failing Forward”

    “Failing Forward” is a concept that refers to the idea of experiencing failure or setbacks in a way that ultimately leads to personal or professional growth and success. Instead of viewing failure as a negative outcome, failing forward means using failure as a stepping stone to learn from one’s mistakes…It involves turning adversity into an…

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    I would like to share with you what my coaching team and our affiliates have been curating related to our work and writings to support the wellbeing of our clients. The contents of our newsletters are organized as: Personal Keepsakes, Professional Keepsakes and Resources Worth Keeping.

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