Poem: Beauty Cannot Kill It

Dearest Duchess.I hope you see It.I hope you see It clearly now.That thing.That thing that beauty cannot kill.You assumedas many of us havethat once they encounteredyour poiseand Gracethat you would no longer have to face It.Not there.Not in a royal place.Not with the entire world in your face watching.Not with the paparazzi gawking. As they began talkingyou …

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What name have you given your storms?

Show yourself respect for getting through the storms in this season of your life in the best ways you knew how. You are still here. That means that you have been given the opportunity to learn from your experiences and carve out a new path, if it is required. As Mother Maya reminds us, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

In the Conflict

As has been the case with our Syrian sisters and brothers and their children, what matters are your families, your safety, your livelihood and yes, your voices. Once the fight is over, rebuilding will be work for you and the generations to come to embark upon. The labor will seem never ending and met with resistance at every turn, as your sisters and brothers in Haiti have shown the world. However, the love of justice and liberation is worth the work.

It’s Ok If You Can’t Do This.

As I sat there attempting to complete a task that I had done numerous times for myself but totally baffled all the molecules in my body right then, it all came flooding at me. The pandemic. The divorce. The isolation. The uncertainty. The exhaustion. The expectations. All of it. Then, I heard myself say the words I have been feeling for years: I can’t do this.